sábado, novembro 01, 2003

natural philosophy

Radio waves from your screen monitor

As probably you should know, your computer gives off a fair amount of radio waves. Supposely these shouldn't interfere too much with radios, TVs, cordless phones , ect. However, they do interfere and you can detect them in an easy way. Take a small radio and switch it to AM. Tune it to some non-taken frequency and turn the volume up. If you put the radio near your computer you should hear sound coming from it. Try tunning it! Your monitor is a big producer of radio waves, and if you try turning it on and off you can hear some changes. Your hard drive also produces some radio waves. How can you pick them up? Try opening some program will you detect the interference. Your processor can also be detected through radio waves. Tune in the frequency of your processor it should be in the FM dial. (yes i know, some are too fast to detect in the FM dial!)
posted by Nuno : 14:47